You can check my Instagram for some of my work – it’s really just a free portfolio space. I have noticed that people really like seeing side-by-sides, those definitely get among the most likes. Just a simple picture of the picture beside a picture of the painting. People like a really quick swipe between one and the other. Maybe it’s all those magic eye pictures we spent time looking at as kids!  

 Another very popular type of post I make on Instagram is time lapse videos of the painting. There is something comforting about seeing 6 hours lapse in one minute. I also like to watch these backs to look for steps in my process that may be unique or fascinating. I’m somewhat of a narcissist about my work and spend a little time reviewing my own Instagram feed looking at what people like most.  

 This is why the CONTACT ME link includes a space for you to tell me where you found me and where you’d like to find me. Most people state that they found me via Instagram or a friend’s reference – a few people have told me they want me on Snapchat but I’m just not interested in pursuing a new medium until I get more people asking for it.  

 And, I actually really like all the social aspects of Instagram. I don’t often get lost in the weeds of a political debate, people seem to be really encouraging and generous on Instagram, and there’s limited actual options for any other kind of communication between users.