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Posted by Edwin Duncan on

As I mentioned, one reason I prefer to work from photos is that I like to paint alone. I don’t really want a subject sitting while I paint them because I’ll be so distracted by the awkward situation that my work will suffer. I like to be able to take my time, walk away from it, have a meal, have a smoke, have a glass of wine, come back to it, think on it, work in the middle of the night, etc.  

I’m not a total loner but I am a work loner – and I live alone besides my dog Daisy. For this reason, I have a small studio apartment in the same building where my residence is, and I do my work in there. That it’s in the same building makes it really convenient but also separates the spaces so that I can truly have a work space and a life space.  

 The main difference between the spaces is my mentality and the number of distractions. My residence is of course full of modern distractions – computer, tv, music, stocked kitchen, etc. My work space is very bare. The kitchen only has coffee, there’s a projector so that I can project pictures I’m working on painting, and there’s a record player and some records. Beyond that, my altar includes one candle, one crystal quartz, and always a live bud bouquet.   

 It’s just comfortable, my brain works better in there. And I’m very selective about workspace visitors. And Daisy is not allowed in.